I can’t fathom why you deem to even look upon me.
Ugly and dark as I am, I am everything you are not.
Cruel and filled with purpose, you are everything I cannot be.
I was never wrong to call you Apollo or an angel among men.
Your golden hair and soul of marble proved that long ago.
You serve those who would serve you and constantly bewilder me.
When you speak, all the world turns to listen,
And we would all have you replace the sun in the sky.
Its radiance pales next to yours; if only you’d take your place with it.
How could I, darkness come to life, not fall in love?

Light exists to banish the dark, so banish me then.
I linger only for the desire to watch your incandescence thrive.
Why do you refuse to let I, who am not fit to polish your shoes, go?
You say that you are in love, but it cannot be so.
I have nothing to offer, worthless beneath light,
And I would only tarnish your beauty by remaining.
You say light is worth nothing without darkness,
A balance I thought too preposterous to consider,
But I cannot deny you anything you ask.
If you desire my heart, then so be it.

It’s always been yours.