I want to kiss you until I can’t distinguish your breath from mine.
I want to steal the air from your lungs and claim it as my own,
Giving you mine instead to breathe,
And that way we’ll be part of one another always.
I want to mark you so that everyone knows you’re mine
And I’m yours, and you’ll never forget that.
I want to hold you in the dark, comfort you when you need it,
Raise you to the heavens where you belong.
I want to spend every waking moment with you
And sleep with you too, feeling your skin against mine
As we breath against each other in the dark.
I want to get lost in your eyes and desire no map,
And use cheesy lines on you to make you laugh,
And I want to never let go of your hand.
I want to kiss you until the end of time
So you’ll always know I could never want to let you go.
You say your heart has become mine,
But you captured mine in return the moment we met.
I used to miss my world and then I met you.